which provides more enriched living

AEON PHNOM PENH STORE is the first general merchandise store in Cambodia which has a full line of apparel, food and living ware necessary for the customer’s daily lifestyle and offers a more enriched “NEW LIFE STYLE.”


Product Concepts

AEON PHNOM PENH STORE provides items from around the world utilizing a global network for procurement to meet the needs and wants of the customers which will be changing and diversifying in the future.


AEON PHNOM PENH STORE provides items which are new to Cambodia from six countries such as Japan and ASEAN-member countries based on the five keywords of:

More tasty
More convenient
More enjoyable
More fashionable
More valuable


Moreover, there is a selection of 800 items including apparel, food and home items from the AEON brand TOPVALU.


Features of Products

  1. Japanese brands and products which are highly anticipated and considered reliable by the people of Cambodia are actively brought in. Items include Japanese food such as sweets and instant foods which can be enjoyed with ease, dishes such as sushi, sashimi and hot-snack items like takoyaki, Japanese brand cosmetics, electrical appliances and Japanese style fashions.
  2. TOPVALU Products
    Reasonable priced TOPVALU products which provide safety and peace of mind are actively brought in. There are 800 TOPVALU items including apparel, food and home items including Japanese TOPVALU and TOPVALU products developed in ASEAN.
  3. Cambodia’s First Full-Scale Fresh Market
    This market offers items with a localized customer-facing system while factoring in the customer’s shift from traditional markets and provides new services including on-the-spot preparing and processing of marine products. In addition, local products made in Cambodia such as durians which are famous in the province of Kampot and tofu which uses local high quality soybeans are actively offered.
  4. Household Appliances, Interior Design and Products with New Functions
    The product line-up is strengthened with kitchen and cooking appliances with new functions which provide more convenience targeted towards young housewives. In the interior design department, ready-made curtains are offered for the first time in Cambodia as well as products with new functions such as insect prevention nets.
  5. Infant and Newborn Baby Products
    The selection of infant and newborn baby goods is strengthened to maximum capacity to meet the needs of the second baby boom. In addition to providing the most amount of strollers and baby goods in the region, Japanese brand baby food is also actively offered.



AEON PHNOM PENH STORE provides services and service facilities which are new to Cambodia. The “Grill, Fry or Steam” on-the-spot fish cooking service meets the needs of the increasing amount of two-income households. There are also services providing on-the-spot repairs of clothing. One of the most comfortable and hygienic baby rooms in Cambodia is established to correspond to increasing birth rates. In addition, this mall will offer Cambodia’s first gift certificates.



At about 600m², one of Cambodia’s largest general exhibition spaces is provided for general exhibitions of seasonal and social events at the most overwhelming scale in the region and to make plans to create markets.